Popular Baseball Leagues around the World

In the past, baseball was an excellent pastime plan for Americans. However, the game has grown to become a world sport. Although MLB and other professional leagues in the USA are still the top leagues, other countries and regions have also established their leagues. South Asia and Latin America are upcoming baseball hubs. The most notable countries where baseball leagues are developing into an attractive sport are Korea, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Japan and the Dominican Republic. Here are some popular leagues around the world.

Major League Baseball

MLB is a pinnacle in baseball sports. The league attracts talents from various parts and different leagues. Big wages given to players is one factor that are luring top baseball players into the league. Besides, the top prizes teams clinch ensures that they can pay any amount to get top talent.

MLB comprises two different leagues NL and AL. The national league and American league operate differently but compete in inter-league games several times annually. MLB comprises four hundred and fifty teams.

MLB’s leagues are divided into three, with five competitors for each division. The team that comes out with the best records in its division gains automatic spot at the end of the season. The second and third teams despite not topping in their divisions enjoy wildcard berths to contend for a place in the league through play-offs. MLB season starts in the spring and ends in October, though in recent years the season has been pushed to November.

KBO League

In Korea, baseball is an important sporting event. Several leagues are mushrooming, but KBO, a professional league in Korea, has lured the attention of most baseball fans. Every team taking part in KBO plays one hundred and forty-four games. Each team play against each other sixteen times before the season ends. Therefore, the KBO season is made of seven hundred and twenty games.

At the end of every season, only five teams qualify for the play-offs. The fifth team play against the fourth and the team that wins faces the team that finished third in the season. The winner of the playoff then faces the team that finished the second, and the winning team then faces the first positioned team. The winner of the play-offs is crowned the season championship.

Chinese Professional League

Baseball league in China starts in March and ends in October. However, in June or July, CPBL takes a short break. Among the four teams making up the CPBL, three of them qualify for play-offs. The play-offs games are played as two rounds, where the winner gets a ticket for Asia Series. The Asian series league comprises top teams from KBO, Australian Baseball and Nippon League.

Bottom Line

Although few countries have reached professional baseball levels in the USA, the sport is spreading to various nations. Various countries are getting into the game by making their own leagues. With the talent seen in the upcoming leagues, it won’t be long before the established leagues reach the level of MLB.